The Original All-N-One BEAR TALKER CALL

Can you really call bears? You bet you can!

The Callmasters All-In-One Bear Talker is an extremely versatile call that produces both boar and sow vocalizations. The sounds this bear call makes are designed to entice responses based on breeding interest, social curiosity, and territorial protection, and the results can be impressive.

The unique thing about the All-In-One Bear Talker is its inhale/exhale design. When you exhale you get the aggressive sounds of boars fighting, and when you inhale you get the moans and breeding sounds of the sow. The hiss port on the side of the call allows you to change the pitch from high to low by covering and uncovering the opening.

By vocalizing around a bait site a hunter can create "false competition" for the bait. Often a bear will spend the afternoon circling the bait checking the trails into the bait and waiting for dark. The vocalization on the bait triggers a defense response by the circling bear and he will rush in to defend the bait.

Breeding Moans of females trigger breeding interest responses by dominant males in BOTH spring and fall. Aggressive Vocals can be used to trigger territory and food source defense reactions just to name a few ways that bear vocals can be used in hunting whether from a stand or when still hunting for bears.


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The Original All-N-One BEAR TALKER CALL

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