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This package has everything you need to be a predator calling pro! The package includes our magnum load Super XL Howler, a special deluxe wooden XL Stinger variable open reed rabbit distress crier and our famous "hands free" Mini -3 set that has 3 closed metal reed voices for Cottontails, Jackrabbits and Rodents.



Here's what you get... The SUPER XL HOWLER is designed for maxi-volume long range howling, barking, pup in distress yikes and a wide range of male and female coyote vocals. This call is designed to be the ultimate "go to call" for male coyote Domain Howls, female Invitation Howls, challenge and warning barks. It features a freeze proof reed system and an easy Auto-Align drop in tuning feature that insures perfect pitch and tone. Plus, we've included a soft camo cover as part of the deal. The detachable mouth piece allows you to blow other calls through the megaphone to extra long range or to buck a "howling" wind. This call retailed for $22.00.

Next, we've included a limited addition deluxe wooden body XL STINGER open reed distress caller. This variable pitch caller is the choice of Western Predator Pros for its wide range of young and old rabbit cries and ultra shrill panic calls. It too features our Freeze Proof Auto-Alignment drop reed system that keeps this extra narrow reed lined up straight and in perfect tune at all times. Retail value for the Stinger is $11.00.

 Finally, we've added our #1 Best Selling MINI-3 "HANDS FREE" Cottontail, Jackrabbit and Rodent closed reed criers. Don't be fooled by their small size, these little blasters will out perform the volume of callers 5 times their size! The "mini" size was designed so you could slip these little callers into your mouth and continue to call hands free.....motionless ...and all the while keeping dead aim on incoming varmints with a constant flow of calling. Hands free so you can also stop him with a loud squeak or coax him out from behind a bush for the shot without any movement! Retail value is $20.00.

Special Combo Pack Price $29.99
Supplies are LIMITED, so order quickly!
Model W616567 Predator Combo Pack

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Part Number WW616567

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