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Do Hog Calls really work? They do - but only if they’re used properly. Most people have been instructed to use wild hog calls in the wrong fashion. They’re taught to squeal and scream like they’ve been attacked by a swamp monster, often causing hogs to take off running.

The new Outburst Hogtalker from the Callmasters is different. It’s an all-in-one wild hog call that, when used properly can greatly increase your success when hunting wild hogs.

Jerry Peterson explains what this new call is all about and how to use it properly to increase your success.

Outburst Hog Talker Demo

The Bear Talker
Mini-3 Predator Call Up & Demo
Calling Color-Phase Bears at Misty River Alberta
Outburst Hog Talker Demo
Lost Fawn Ma-Mah Call Up
Lost Fawn Ma-Mah Demo- New From Woods Wise

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